Andreas Gursky | A Photographer You Should Know

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Andreas Gursky is a German photographer who is know for his large format images.  He often takes architecture and landscape photos that are taken from a high point of view. Gursky began his career in Düsseldorf, as both his father and grandfather were commercial photographers.

Most of Gursky’s images are made of large, man-made spaces.  He tends to position the camera from an elevated vantage point that allows the viewer to see both the center of the subject and a wide peripheral view. His approach is often seen as straightforward, but still distinct.

How distinct? The artist sells most of his images in  editions of six with two artist’s proofs. He in fact even holds the record for the highest price paid for a since image when a print of “Rhein II” sold for USD $4,338,500 at Christie’s, in 2011. Another print of his, “Chicago Board of Trade III” sold for 2.2…

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